American Legion Post 279

903 W. Superior  Jacksonville, Illinois 62650         217-243-6144

Email: [email protected]
​Commander: Danny W. Davison
​SAL Commander: Joel DuPre II

American Legion Post 279                                       2 October 2018
Meeting was called to order 19:00 hrs, The Commander offered a prayer in the absence of the Chaplain, Pledge of Allegiance and POW-MIA Recognition was done, Post business was started.
Minutes were read and a motion was made by Henry Rosenberger. Seconded by Ron Hofstadt. Minutes were approved.
Legion Finances are as follows:
Bar Account:                          $ 19,164.04
General Fund:                         $ 36,046.10
Building Fund:                       $ 11,769.90
Membership:                          $   2,700.00
Raffle Fund:                           $    1,225.90
Total:                                      $  70,905.94
We had 12 members in attendance. 
The Commander noted that Herman Jones, a member of this post passed away.  He also noted that the gentleman that mowed our lawn, Rich Lowery, a Navy Veteran has also passed away.
Ron Hofstadt’s wife is scheduled to undergo surgery for reoccurring cancer.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ron and his family.
The American Legion Sign is scheduled to be completed in the next few days weather permitting.  The Commander called and got a verbal vote to proceed with repairing the sign from members in attendance at our September Meeting.
The concrete pad for the smoke shack has been poured at a cost of $1,262.00.  The overhead door pad should be poured in the next week or so.
The seal for the overhead door has been replaced.  Additional work is needed on the sides of the door.  The wood is coming loose.
A new chair cart has been purchased and the commander plans on replacing the old chairs a few at a time.  He has already ordered 50 chairs from Home Depot and will order a few each month until they old ones are replaced.
MacMurray parade is scheduled for 20 Oct.  Anyone that wants to participate in tossing out candy should contact the Commander.  Our Legion golf cart will be in the parade.
27 Oct 2018 – There will be a meeting at the Elks for a Job Fair sponsored by the Amvets.
The Commander thanked all of our members who have volunteered for the Queen of Hearts Drawings on Thursday evenings. Your assistance is much appreciated.
Thursday Oct 4th from 7 am to 7 pm, Airesman Hires Funeral home will be collecting donations to help cover the cost of the Funeral Detail uniforms and coats.  Their goal is $5,000.  In addition to collecting donations, they are also looking for volunteers to help with the funeral details.  Jim Carlton is our post representative if you have any questions.
A motion was made by Frank Marshall and seconded by Bill Morrow to donate $100 to the Funeral Detail Uniforms.  Motion Carried.
The Commander noted that the Legion purchased Beer Steins for the Military Branches of service to be displayed in the new cabinet in the hallway.  As noted by the Jr. Vice a Space Force Stein is not yet available for purchase or display.  As soon as one is made available we will be sure to purchase and display to appease the Jr. Vice.
The Commander stated that one of our members, Richard Stout, Jr. would like to put together a Chicken Dinner to help with the cost of the Legion Sign.  More details to follow at a later time.
There being now further business, the meeting was adjourned at 19:25 hrs.

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