American Legion Post 279

903 W. Superior  Jacksonville, Illinois 62650         217-243-6144

Email: [email protected]
​Commander: Danny W. Davison
​SAL Commander: Joel DuPre II

American Legion Post 279                       3 October 2017    

Meeting was called to order at 19:00 hrs, after opening ceremonies and POW MIA recognition Post business was started.
Minutes were read and a motion was made by Bill Morrow and seconded by Henry Rosenberger.  Minutes were approved.
The Commander reported our finances as follows:
General Fund                          $19,186.26
Bar Account                            $3,000
Membership                            $1,817.78
The Commander reported that the bar has started to pay their own sales tax, something that has not been done for some time.  The Commander also stated that if the bar continues to do well, that we may have here to start paying the Federal Tax as well.  The bar is doing between 200 to 300 dollars a day.  Congrats to Toni.
It was brought up about the kitchen floor.  The Sr. Vice stated that he had met with a man who would paint the floor for $ 800, but we would still see the old tile glue marks through the paint.  The offer was rejected.  Another gentleman stated that we could sand the floor and put down laminate flooring.  Jacksonville Bargain Outlet has the laminate flooring at a cost of $750.  We would need to find someone to install it or install it ourselves.  The Sr Vice said he would check with someone to sand the floor and paint it, but he would have to check with the Health Dept. to see if we were allowed to put that type of floor down.  The matter was tabled till next meeting.
The Sr. Vice received a call from John McCord who is slated to complete the kitchen repairs.  He is unable to start on the work until late November or early December due to his business.  He has a lot of outside work that needs to be completed before winter.  The Sr, Vice told him that we would wait on him.
The Commander stated that IDOT was called and they have not returned his call reference the Legion signs.
The Commander also stated that he has been in contact with the State about getting community workers to help with cleanup.  They only have 3 pregnant women available at the moment. 
The Commander stated that he has hired a man by the hour to help him clean up the back room and put tips on the bottom of the chairs.  The Commander stated that we need to get rid of anything that is no longer needed. 
The Commander stated that we are going to try and sell that copier that was donated to the Legion.
We also have a single stage cooler fan that we are going try and sell.
The Commander said that our punch cards for the slots have arrived, for every 10 punches, we will put $15 into the slots.  At the end of the year, we will hold a drawing of some sort for the punch card players.  We will keep track of the punch cards and will be able to take the money that we put in the machines for the players off of our taxes.
We will be getting in t shirts with the Legion Logo and Eat and Sleep Slots from J and J Gaming.
One of the video machines is having trouble with one of the games.  It will be disabled until the problems can be worked out.
Our part of the slots for the last 2 weeks in September was $ 3000
The Commander stated that we are going to participate in the Illinois College Homecoming Parade.  Anyone interested in riding on our golf cart and throwing candy can contact the Commander.
The Commander stated that he checked into selling flags to the public.  He stated that we would have to sell them for $10.  He stated that it didn’t make much sense to do that when anyone can buy one cheaper at Wal-Mart for just a few dollars.
The flags were lowered to half staff on Tuesday and will remain lowered until Friday for the shooting victims in Las Vegas.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 19:45 hrs.

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