American Legion Post 279

903 W. Superior  Jacksonville, Illinois 62650         217-243-6144

Email: [email protected]
​Commander: Danny W. Davison
​SAL Commander: Joel DuPre II

---- American Legion Post 279 Prep Room Project ----

The American Legion Kitchen project is underway.  We have hired John McCord to replace all of the drywall in the kitchen.  Cors Electric has repaired and replaced the problem wiring.  We have have received one bid already and are in the process of soliciating other bids for the plumbing work.  The first bid was $ 4,600 by the way.  If you know of a plumber, feel free to pass the name(s) along to the Commander.  We are also looking for someone to redo the floor in the kitchen.  After years of neglect, the kitchen floor is in extremly poor shape.   The membership voted to allocate $ 6,000 for the kitchen project but the repairs are going to cost significantly more than that.  We have had 2 very generous donations made to the Legion to boost the kitchen fund to $ 7,800.  The projected cost of the renovation is now at a little over $ 11,000.  To put the kitchen back to a usable state, we must comply with our local city building inspector, the fire inspector, the plumbing inspector, and the health department.   The recent inspections that we had at the Legion last month is what drove up the total cost of repairs.  We are considered a commercial facility and we must comply with commercial rules and regulations.  We would love to make the kitchen more like a kitchen that we all have in our homes, but with the rules and regulations, it is no longer possible.  We must have a 3 compartment sink in the kitchen.  Our stoves that were so graciously donated must now have range hoods installed.  In addition to the 3 compartment sink, we must have a grease trap that is sized and matched to the size of sink we purchase.  As you can see, what started out as a simple project, is now a major undertaking.  We do not have the volunteers necessary to comple this project on our own so we have to hire everything to be completed.  This has added a significant cost to the Legion and this project.  Rest assured, we will, someday have some sort of kitchen, but we will not ever have the kitchen of our dreams.  We can only dig so deep in our pockets and the pockets are not that deep.  If you like to help financially or you are able to volunteer your time, please take a moment and speak with the Commander.  Here are some pictures of the work that has been completed on the project so far.  Come give us a helping hand and make this a reality.

Kitchen Update: 5 December 2017.

Legion Post 279 held its monthly membership meeting tonight.  The main topic of discussion was centered around the kitchen renovation project.  The recent estimate for the plumbing repair and 3 compartment sink/grease trap were discussed in great detail.  After much discussion, a vote was taken, and the results were in.  The kitchen project is over.  It was voted on to have the drywall installed and the floor fixed.  Nothing more will be done.  The vote was not taken lightly.  The fact of the matter is that we just cannot afford to spend $ 12,000 on something that is not going to generate any revenue back to the Legion.  While we would all like to see the kitchen completed, it is in our best intrest to take the money we have left over after the walls and floor are done and put the money into the the front bar.  The bar is in need of repair and therefore we will focus our efforts there. 

Again, this is a decision that was made based on a variety of factors.  The main one being the cost factor.  The second was a return on our investment.  It was determined that there would be little to no income generated from the complete restoration of the kitchen.  Other factors that influenced this decision is the requirements of the city planning commission and the health department.  We could not afford to comply with the commercial code requirements.

Kitchen Update: 23 December 2017.

The walls in the kitchen are up !!!   Hopefully by the end of next week, all of the drywall will be taped, mudded, sanded and a fresh coat of paint will be done.

​We still have not decided on what to do as far as a floor covering, but we are leaning toward a laminate type of flooring.  Any suggestions?  We would love to hear your input.  Below are some pictures of the drywall installed.  It sure does look different.

Keep Checking back....I will post more pictures as we of 5 Jan 2018  The walls are finished...On to the floor.......  

I would like to take a moment and thank John McCord from Advantage Painting and Drywall for his work.  He did a great Job.....

10 January 2018----We have decided to go forward and paint the floor with Porch and Floor paint.  It turned out well.  Thanks Mike Large.  It looks great. I will continue to post pictures of our progress.  Next project is getting water back to the Kitchen.  

Making Progress.. Just have to get the sink mounted and the water and drain lines ran.

Sink is installed, cabinet and top mounted and water is Back.......

Joel DuPre has finished installing the additional cabinets in the prep room.  Trim work to follow.

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