American Legion Post 279

903 W. Superior  Jacksonville, Illinois 62650         217-243-6144

Email: [email protected]
​Commander: Danny W. Davison
​SAL Commander: Joel DuPre II
American Legion Post 279 7/12/2016

Meeting was called to order at 19:00 hrs.  After opening ceremonies and POW-MIA recognition, post business was started. 

Minutes were read and a motion to approve was made by Billy Stout and seconded by Leroy Garrison, Minutes were approved.

Financial report was given by Finance Officer Bill Morrow. ( See Members Only Area on post Website for details)

The Commander asked Tyler Aring what the American Legion could do for the Iraq Memorial.  Tyler said it was still in the start up stages.

The Commander reported that a letter had been sent to the Auxiliary asking to move their stuff from the legion so long as they are not willing to contribute anything toward the Legion.  Trevor Lahey said that he would like the minutes of the meeting to show that there was no vote and or due process on the letter that was sent to them.  Duly Noted.

The Commander asked Tyler where the range hood that was purchased last year was.  Tyler said it was still at Midland Farm and Home Bldg.

Bill Morrow said he would meet Tyler there Friday to pick it up and bring it to the Legion.

The Commander stated that he received a letter stating that any Officer that has his name on the liquor license cannot play the machines at their facility.  Sorry Danny !!!

The Commander reported that he was working on new By-Laws for the post.  He also asked the membership if they wanted to start voting on new members.

Billy Stout made a motion to leave membership in the Legion as it has always been, seconded by Trevor Lahey, Motion Approved.

The Commander stated that there have been no By-Law changes since 1990 and they will be worked on and presented to membership at a later date.

The Finance Officer stated that the Legion has 2 corporations with the same name on both.  Tyler Aring and Bill Morrow will look into dissolving one of the corporations if possible. 

The last wedding party we had that used the hall left it trashed and they also were the last party to not have to pay a deposit.  That has been changed as we have two more wedding parties from the same groups.  They were told that if there was any kind of damage, they will not receive any of their deposit back. 

New locks have been installed on the back room doors so the next wedding parties will not be able to use our storage rooms.

Frank Marshall has been working on our post website.  Http://JacksonvillePost279.Org is the web address for the post.  It will have a member's only area that is password protected.  (See a Post Officer) for the password.  Financial information will not be posted for the general public.  It will be posted in the Members Only portion of our post website.  He also mentioned that he wanted to post information about the Iraq

Memorial as details become available.

Our website will include anything that is of a benefit to our veterans.  Bar specials will be posted as well as a member classified section.  The cost of this website is $ 240 a year.  We would like to gather sponsors to help defray the cost of this website.  Any members wishing to post anything on the Legion website should contact Frank for more information.

MEMBERSHIP DUES ARE DUE AUGUST 1ST.  Several have come in already.

A place in Springfield is going to let the Legion try out a floor scrubber on our floors and will see how it works.  We might be interested in purchasing it if it works out.
ew canopy light have been installed. Some of the large beans on the overhead canopy have been painted and the two new picnic tables are getting a lot of use.

The American Legion sign on the north side of the building is in need of repair.  Lomilino Sign. Company stated that he could fix it for around $ 700.  Billy Stout made a motion to have the sign fixed, with Trevor Lahey amending the motion for the amount not to exceed $ 1,000.  Mike Morrow seconded the motion, motion approved.

There being no other business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 20:00 hrs.