American Legion Post 279

903 W. Superior  Jacksonville, Illinois 62650         217-243-6144

Email: [email protected]
​Commander: Danny W. Davison
​SAL Commander: Joel DuPre II

American Legion Post 279                                       6 February 2018
Meeting was called to order at 19:00 hrs, after opening ceremonies and POW-MIA recognition, post business was started.
Minutes were read and a motion was made by Bob Northrup. Seconded by Chaplain Eason Minutes were approved.
The Commander stated that since he sent letters to all of our members, that the traffic to our post website has picked up.
John Turley is still recovering from his heart surgery.  He may have to have minor surgery today.
Old Business:
The Sr. Vice reported on the progress of the kitchen.  He stated that the kitchen is almost done.  The Lights are back in, the walls are
painted and we decided to just paint the floor grey.  He also stated that the sink is in along with the countertop and faucet.  The only
thing left is to get the water and sink drains hooked up along with putting up the trim and baseboards.
The walk in color is going to be cleaned so that we can start using it again.  We have a benefit coming up and need the cooler for storage. 
Luke Marquard is going to install switches so that we can turn it on and off as needed.
The Legion hosted the Longmeyer band on the 27th of January.  The Commander stated that it was a good crowd and that we were
able to make a decent profit from the Band.
The Commander reported that our finances are as follows:
General Fund                          $ 19,785.08
Bar Account                            $ 6,305.26
Membership                            $ 1,500
Building Fund                         $ 7,775.17
Total                                        $ 35,365.51
New Business:
The Commander stated that the Banquet Hall has a lot of bookings.  The hall has even been booked to host a wrestling event.
The Commander asked membership about spending money on advertising.  He stated that he is approached on a daily basis about
sponsoring ads in yearbooks and calendars for the local schools.  He stated that we simply cannot afford to sponsor every school and
event in the city.  After discussing the matter, Bill Morrow made a motion that we not sponsor any event because if we sponsor one
than we will be asked to sponsor more.  The motioned was seconded by Frank Marshall.  Motion Carried.
There will be a benefit for Todd Hayes on the 24th of February in the Banquet Hall.  Food will be available as well as an Auction to benefit
The local girl scouts used the banquet hall to sort out their cookies for their annual cookie sale.  There is an order form in the front bar
if you wish to purchase any.
We had some water pipes burst during our last cold spell on Jan 3rd.  Fortunately we were able to get them fixed quickly before they
caused a lot of damage.  The walls in the bathrooms that were used for the ball fields had to be torn out to find and fix the leaks.  The
pipes are now wrapped and insulated and the Commander put portable space heaters in the back bathrooms so hopefully we won’t
have another issue.
There being now further business, the meeting was adjourned at 19:35 hrs.

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