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​Commander: Danny W. Davison
​SAL Commander: Joel DuPre II

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American Legion Post # 279 903 W. Superior  Jacksonville, IL 62650

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Veterans Serving Veterans for over 40 years                           February-April, 2018         Volume 1, Number 3

Commander’s Corner:                                                                                                                          April 5th, 2018

Greeting Legionnaires:

     As you are aware, I sent a letter 2 months ago briefing the membership on the State of the Legion.  The letter that I sent to you stated that we needed more members’ involvement in our Post.  Ladies and Gentleman, That has not changed.  The letter that I sent out got mixed responses.  Some members elected to transfer their membership due to moving away. Some were returned with no forwarding address.  Some responded with a small donation because they could not physically help due to age and disabilities. One Member responded with a letter of their own voicing their discontent with the way they were treated years ago.   The vast majority of you did not respond at all.  That is what is troubling to me.  This is your Post and it has become apparent that some do not share the same passion for our Post as my Officers and I do.

     I would like to take the opportunity in open forum to thank the Officers of our post that have supported me during the past two years as Commander. You know who you are and you know that what you have done is greatly appreciated by me.  In addition to my fellow officers, there are a handful of members and friends of the Post that I can call and rely on to respond to my requests “thank you” you also know who you are.

     The truth of the matter is that I am writing this edition of the Post 279 Commanders Corner to set the record straight. ” We are not a functional American Legion Post, and have not been for the past 17-18 years!   The days when Warren Moss, John Hembrough and others had 40 to 50 active members are gone!”  While we still have the title of The American Legion, we lack functionality. 

     Our Post does nothing for Veterans!!!  We can’t even get a full staff of Officers.  We in no way, shape, form and/or fashion serve our veterans or do anything to improve ourselves as a Veteran Organization.  It is not because we do not want to; It is because we can’t provide these benefits with 8 active members. 

     We have 5 -8 members at our monthly meetings.  That is .04% of our 179 paid members.  I hope you understand why we cannot support our veterans?  We try to solicit ideas and ways to improve our membership and ways to draw more members in.  Suggestions are just that.  Suggestions!!!  Several people offer suggestions but very few want to be the one to take charge and see the plan through.  The Post Officers cannot do it all.

     That brings me to membership dues. You pay $45.00 a year to be a member of this Post.  The Department of Illinois takes $36.00 of that to be used by State and National level.  We receive $9.00 from every membership which is put in the membership fund.  That fund is to be used as needed for members that have fallen on hard times and cannot afford their dues.  This is not designed to help the Legion!  It is for members just like you and I.

     This Post doesn’t need your dues. This is not a plea for your money!! I repeat, this is not a plea for your money!! This is a plea for you to step up and save your Legion.  This Post needs YOU!!

     We had our April meeting 04/03/18 at Ponderosa and the Post bought the buffet for any member that wanted to show up and eat then stay for the meeting. This was posted on the Post Website, Facebook and the front door of the Legion.  It was planned to bring in more members and solicit ideas.  It same 8 members showed up.  We cannot accomplish what needs to be done with 8 members.

     This Post has been in a downward spiral for several years. The downfall started in 2001 after years of gross and negligent mis-management.  The mortgage was in foreclosure and the bills were behind. I, along with 2 other Legion Members and 4 members of the Auxlillary stepped up and signed $15,000 notes to refinance the loan.  The Commander at the time stepped down due to health and other problems. Three members took over after paying back over $8,00.00 in back taxes and back bills that had be paid for 2-3 years. Shortly after that, we are handed a bill from the Auxiliary President stating that our members owe her and the Past Commander $10,000 that they supposedly put in to keep the legion going!!!! What is wrong with this picture?
My goal is it bring the Post back to the way it once was, but I cannot do it alone.  I need your help.

     I am approached on a continual basis with several questions:

To answer some of the questions that I hear on a continual basis. 

     We are not opening the kitchen back up, we are not having father daughter dances,  we are probably not having early bird dinners, we are not having Monday Night Chicken.  Why. Because we do not have members or volunteers to organize and run these events.  If you want them events back.  Volunteer and run the event.  My Officers and I cannot do it all.

     It’s up to you members.  Please do not take offense by this letter.  The reality is what it is.  If  more members do not take a more active role in our Post and do not step up to the plate than we will be faced with the fact that we may not survive as a Legion.  4-5 members cannot accomplish all that needs to be done.

     I’m sorry if I offended anyone!  I am merely stating the facts. It Is What It Is.  My Officers and I will be happy to meet with any member or volunteer that wants to be a part of the solution.

Danny W. Davison
Commander Post 279      

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