American Legion Post 279

903 W. Superior  Jacksonville, Illinois 62650         217-243-6144

Email: [email protected]
​Commander: Danny W. Davison
​SAL Commander: Joel DuPre II
American Legion Post 279                                       6 December 2016

Meeting was called to order at 19:00 hrs, after opening ceremonies and POW-MIA recognition, post business was started.

Minutes were read and a motion was made by Chaplain Eason. Seconded by Billy Stout Minutes were approved.

New Business:

Today is Zeddie Bell’s Birthday.  Happy Birthday

The new dance floor is down, with our part of the expense being between $ 600 - $ 700

The Illinois State Museum came to look at our remaining pictures, posters, and documents.  They took a picture of a Lieutenant in the WW1 who was from Jacksonville.  He had joined the military in 1912.  The General Grierson document will be on display forever, or until such time that we want it back.  They also took our bond posters.

The Gifts For The Yanks are in.  The items will be sorted and delivered to the nursing and retirement home.

Billy stout brought up about 217 Bar sponsoring the Shop With A Biker program and wanted to know if we as a Legion was interested in sponsoring it.  Frank Marshall made a motion that we donate $ 50.00 and was seconded by Billy Stout.  Motion Carried.

The Commander said that a gentleman has agreed to give the Legion $ 3000 towards the renovation our kitchen.

The Commander said that we need to decide what kind of kitchen was needed.  He also stated that he would like to see a regular type kitchen, instead of the way the old one was.

We already have the materials to do the walls and need to find someone to tear out the rest of the walls and fix the floor.

The Commander also stated that we needed to decide on how much we were willing to spend on the project.  As of today, the kitchen fund has $ 9,000.00.

Warren Moss stated that we should contact all of the contractors in Jacksonville and have them provide us bids for doing the work.

Jim Carlton suggested that we add in the paper that the Legion is soliciting bids on the kitchen renovation.

The Commander said that he would get with the Health Dept and see what needs to be done to bring it up to code.  He said he would report back at the next meeting.

Warren Moss said the he thought we should keep the range hood for now until we see part or all of it.

The Commander stated that the Commander from the VFW has passed away and he would send flowers from the Legion.

The pool table from J & J gaming is being taken out.  The bar found another pool table.  If they can find enough people to play that we may be able to start a league.  The new table comes with new balls but no pool sticks.  Said that the table can be purchased for $ 800.  The money would come from the bar account.

The Sr. Vice Commander brought up that it should have been brought before membership to vote on before the purchase was made.  The

Commander said that he would talk to Lisa as to how much we were actually receiving from J & J gaming.  Said he would report to membership at the next meeting.

Frank Marshall made a motion to table the pool table until next meeting, seconded by Chaplain Eason.  Motion Carried.

Henry Rosenberger brought up about the dark parking lot.  Frank is donating a night light, but will need a boom truck to install it.

Ron Hoffstadt brought up about tomorrow being the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor and was wondering if we have any veterans alive that was at Pearl Harbor.  We did not have an answer.

There being now further business, the meeting was adjourned at 19:45 hrs.