American Legion Post 279

903 W. Superior  Jacksonville, Illinois 62650         217-243-6144

Email: [email protected]
​Commander: Danny W. Davison
​SAL Commander: Joel DuPre II

American Legion Post 279                                       4 December 2018
Meeting was called to order 19:00 hrs, The Commander offered a prayer in the absence of the Chaplain, Pledge of Allegiance and POW-MIA Recognition was done, Post business was started.
Minutes were read and a motion was made by Bill Morrow. Seconded by Henry Rosenberger. Minutes were approved.
Legion Finances are as follows:
Bar Account:                          $ 19,476.97
General Fund:                         $ 43,361.97
Building Fund:                       $   8,767.99
Membership:                          $   2,900.00
Raffle Fund:                           $   1,500
Total:                                      $  76,006.25
We had 10 members in attendance. 
The Commander noted that Warren Moss has been under the weather due to a cold and Judith Busnell is recovering from her surgery in White Hall.
The Commander stated that he has, over the last couple of months, purchased 150 new chairs from Home Depot to replace our worn and broken ones.
The Queen of Hearts drawing has been doing well.  Marty Hayes hit the Queen of Hearts on 29 November.  The pot was $ 3,000 but he only won half because he was not at the Legion when it was drawn.  The new drawing starts out at $ 1,500 + this weeks ticket sales.  We are still averaging $ 250 a week that we are receiving as the Legion.
The Commander brought up that we as a Legion are donating 10% of the ticket sales to a local charity.  He asked the membership for input as to who to donate the money to.  Bill Morrow made a suggestion that we consider the Quincy Veterans Home as a possible source to donate to.
Previous suggestions from the November 2018 meeting were The Salvation Army, Scouts, Jacksonville Food Bank, and Local Schools and Lincoln Land Honor Flight. 
Bill Morrow suggested that we wait till the 10% reaches $ 1,000 then we could split it between 2 charities.  Frank commented that he would like to see part of the donation go to a veterans group due to the fact that we are Veterans serving Veterans.
Bill Morrow made a motion and seconded by Frank Marshall that we cap the donation at $ 1,000 and when it reaches that amount the membership will vote on how to disperse the money.
The current donation stands at $ 540.  It is slated to be donated to PAWS based on our previous discussion to let the patrons who purchased tickets decide where the money gets donated to based on their votes.  PAWS was a write in vote.
Glenn Robson has put together a veterans fishing tournament scheduled for Sept 28th at Lake Jacksonville.  A flyer is located in the foyer of the Post along with sign up sheets.  He has 30 boats available with 2 veterans per boat.  Prizes will be awarded for smallest fish and largest fish at a banquet to be held at the American Legion following the Tournament.    He only has room for 60 Veterans. It is free for the veteran.  He will be soliciting sponsors to cover the cost.
The Commander noted that he is to meet with Glenn Robson to iron out the details of the event.  He noted that he wants the other Veterans Organizations to be more involved in this event.  This is not just an American Legion Event. 
The Veterans Day Remembrance was held at the American Legion on Sunday November 11th at 11:11 a.m.  The JHS Band played.  Chili was served after the event.  West Central Illinois Leathernecks hosted the event. It was a good turn out.  There were 200-250 people in attendance.
The USMC 243rd Birthday party was also held at the American Legion on Saturday November 10.  It too was a good turn out.
There being now further business, the meeting was adjourned at 19:25 hrs.

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