American Legion Post 279

903 W. Superior  Jacksonville, Illinois 62650         217-243-6144

Email: [email protected]
​Commander: Danny W. Davison
​SAL Commander: Joel DuPre II
American Legion Post 279                             6 June 2017

Meeting was called to order at 19:00 hrs, after opening remarks and POW-MIA reconigition, post business was started.

Minutes were read and a motion by Ron Hoffstadt was made and seconded by Henry Rosenberger,  Minutes were approved.

The Commander reported that we had no one on sick call.

The Commander reported that the Officers had met with Mr. Tim Welch to discuss about him leasing our banquet hall.  He first stated that he would not pay the $ 400 rent.  After discussion, he stated that he would pay $ 300 for his first event and if all went well that he would pay the $ 400 that we were asking for.  It was agreed to do it on a rental by rental agreement.

The kitchen wiring is done.  Coors Electric was the low bidder.  New outlets has been installed as well as an outlet for the stove.   They also seperated the breakers and changed some of our overloaded circuits.

A stove has been donated and an ice maker was donated by Bill and Mike Morrow.

Thanks for all who donated.

The Commander reported that the current officers would serve for one more year in hopes that some of our younger members would step up and take over.  Time will tell.

Past Commander Warren Moss suggested that we try a membership drive to try and get new members to join.

Our finances are reported as follows:

General Fund     $ 10,435.54

Savings               $ 5,553.02

Membership      $ 1,409.50

Bar                     $ 3,397.03

Total                   $ 20,749.09

Bill Morrow made a motion that we move our money in savings to the General fund, seconded by Ron Hoffstadt, motion approved.

Our bar manager was given a little more responsibility, she will be taking care of paying the day to day bills.  This should take some of the load off of the Commander.  The additional responsibility will come with a small raise and her title will be business manager.

The Commander reported that our gaming receipts were $ 3,800 for the first half of May.

The Commander reported that the Legion donated $ 50 to the Boy Scouts of America in memory of Past Commander John Waltrip.

Murrayville-Woodson EMS sent a letter asking for donations to help them update thier services.  Frank Marshall made a motion to donate
$ 50.  Seconded by Ron Hoffstadt, Motion approved.

Our website has moved to a free website.  The new address is Http://

We also are contining to use our Facebook Site as well

The Commander has spoken with the Amvets and the VFW about working together on holiday events. Neither seemed interested in doing so.

The Commander stated that we donated $ 50 to the Athensville Baptist Church in memory of Bill Morrows father who passed away 3 weeks ago.

Election of Officers

Bill Morrow made a motion to leave the current slate of officers as they are for the upcoming year, seconded by Henry Rosenberger, motion carried

Jim Carlton made a motion to close nominations, suspend the rules, and cast an unamious ballot and look for a new Finance Officer

DANNY DAVISON                                COMMANDER
FRANK MARSHALL                              SR. VICE COMMANDER
ZEDDIE BELL JR.                                   VICE COMMANDER
                                                            FINANCE OFFICER
MIKE MORROW                                  SARGEANT AT ARMS
WARREN HEATON                               ADJUTANT
JOHN SAMPSON                                  SERVICE OFFICER

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 20:05 hrs.